Speaking Clearly

I launched Play Like a Girl on August 15 at Open Book in Minneapolis. People I love and strangers, former and current students, Kenyan Americans and even a few Kenyans filled the room. Asha, Teka and I talked about KGSA and the process of bringing Play Like a Girl into the world. We answered questions […]

Writer Momma

Adventures From Publishing a Book with Two Small Children July 19 I heard a package being dropped off on the porch, and for some reason I wondered if my books were inside. I saw the box, saw my name on the box, rushed to get scissors, opened it, took the piece of packing cardboard off […]

Bodies Matter

Beyond the Offering Plate

Although churches tend to talk exclusively about money when they talk about stewardship, Beyond the Offering Plate explores how we are stewards in so many other areas of our lives. We are also stewards of our time, mind, work, and technology to name a few. I was thrilled to contribute a chapter to this anthology on […]

Hierarchy of Needs

Successfully educating girls in extreme poverty is no small task. A fascinating part of the Kibera Girls Soccer Academy success story is watching founder Abdul Kassim meticulously and strategically address the girls’ needs in order of urgency. Over the years, the needs are met more effectively as well. For example, in 2002 the school had […]

For the Love of Soccer

The KGSA story was about soccer before it was about school. It makes sense to me that a successful girls’ soccer team became a successful girls’ school. Female athletes know all about work ethic and focus. They understand that they are stronger together, striving to overcome adversity as a unit. The school felt like a […]

The Power of Stories

“What should we play this morning, Simon?” I ask after breakfast. “Books!” That’s my kid. My two-year old loves books. He wants to read books again and again and again, momma. He wants books first thing after snuggles in the morning, while he sits on the potty, on the couch, on the floor, in the […]

Full Circle

Play Like a Girl

I travelled to Kibera, Kenya in 2012 and did a slew of interviews at Kibera Girls Soccer Academy. I went back in 2013 and did more. I spent a few years arranging a manuscript from those interviews. I found an agent, we got a contract. Now in 2017, a group of KGSA students and administrators […]

Higher Consciousness Lies Within

Living from the Center Within

A mutual friend introduced me to Michele Rae a few years ago. I was immediately drawn to her intuition and inner sense of peace. I had the distinct honor of offering Michele editing support through the writing, pitching, and publishing process of Living From Your Center Within.  Are you interested in moving toward wholeness and […]

Claiming Her Story

Here is a part of what I said at the KGSA gala last week about the wonderful Asha. It includes three short passages from my upcoming book. If these snippets interest you, Pre-order Play Like a Girl today! Asha’s family, like many families in Kibera, did not have a toilet. Because Kibera is not recognized […]