12 Tiny Things

12 Tiny Things is a community that practices tiny things to build intentionality in our days.

The desire to grow, actualize and contribute lives inside us. Yet in wanting to do it all, we can end up doing nothing. Change can be hard. It’s easy to get overwhelmed and grow stagnant.

12 Tiny Things embraces the power of small, daily acts to transform our hearts and our communities. We believe in claiming incremental improvement on the go. We believe everything we need is already inside of us, we just need to remember. And we believe in unfolding together.

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If you’ve been looking for the starting blocks for a more intentional life, you’ll find them within these pages.

Jer Swigert, co-founder of The Global Immersion Project, co-author, Mending the Divides: Creative Love in a Conflicted World

Ellie Roscher and Heidi Barr standing side by side
Ellie Roscher and Heidi Barr, co-founders of 12 Tiny Things

Recent Posts

Tiny Things as Spiritual Practice

Heidi and I have been engaging in tiny things for 2.5 years now. It has become part of my spiritual practice. It builds attention, devotion, intention and repetition into my days in a way that grows things like gratitude and astonishment. This Lent, my church community is trying on tiny things as a daily spiritual…

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Cultivating Curiosity: January 12 Tiny Things

In January over at 12 Tiny Things, we cultivated curiosity together. I absolutely loved this focus for my month. I noticed how the posturing of my curiosity felt warm and open. It was seeking but not lunging, reaching but not clinging. I felt grounded and growing simultaneously. It felt playful, tender, exciting and good. What…

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