I dreamt of running through a field of wildflowers

Stomping on grapes

And chomping into a hot dog saturated in condiments

While wearing white

I awoke in a cold sweat

Since when did drawing outside the lines feel liberating


Oh to be so bold as to sit with my knees apart

To not match my lip color with my sweater

To swear out of anger

And belch in public

God forbid if the walls of the lady’s house come





First Eucharist


Why must the church always jail us in lacey white

Dainty virginal perfection

And put us in heels

To wobble carefully, slowly, not overstepping

Constantly clenching our gluts

Fragile and proper

Instead of a stomping weapon, making us easily off balance


Would the world end if I untied my corset and breathed deeply enough to scream

Threw away my heels and ran with abandon

Shredded my nylons and let my legs breathe and grow hair

Poured out my Diet Coke and fed my body sustaining nectar

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