So at my half way point, Ryan made me take a day out of the city so I could see the country of Kenya. We drove to Nakuru National Park and did a long game drive. It was an amazing day of fresh air, green trees, and gorgeous animals.

I walked through the slum this morning to the school refreshed and energized.  As nice as it was for me, I can’t help but think about how few of the girls at KGSA ever get to leave the slum to be refreshed.  To breathe clean air. Many of the girls grew up in rural Kenya and moved to Kibera to try to get secondary education.  When I ask them the difference between the two places, their eyes get dreamy and they say, “Upcountry is green.  Kibera is brown.”  It makes me reflect on the importance of clean air and green space for the human spirit.  It makes me remember that when I leave to come back to New York, these girls will still be in the brown of Kibera.















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  1. Great photos! It would have been fun to have a nicer camera there with you. Or another person (specifically, me) to share the experience with!

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