Living from the Center Within

Higher Consciousness Lies Within

A mutual friend introduced me to Michele Rae a few years ago. I was immediately drawn to her intuition and inner sense of peace. I had the distinct honor of offering Michele editing support through the writing, pitching, and publishing process of Living From Your Center WithinLiving from the Center Within

Are you interested in moving toward wholeness and holiness? Michele Rae is a wise and humble guide, explaining the brain science behind relaxation, intention and attention. This book will make your heart sing, inviting you to come alive to your true nature, to higher consciousness for the betterment of society.

Living From the Center Within is a highly engaging, interactive, informative and accessible journey toward higher consciousness. Moving from personal pain and lacking to abundance and wholeness is possible. Living From the Center Within helps readers center, quiet and open the mind-body-heart. Living from one’s true nature amplifies creativity and benefits the personal and professional life. It also has collective impact culturally, politically and economically as people become more effective at service, relationships and work.

Living From the Center Within explains how minds, bodies and emotions are intertwined, and gives the reader tools to move toward a healthier self. It is for people eager to actualize their beings and fall in love with their lives. You can live full out and fearlessly from a sense of calm, joy, and peace. With increased awareness, we naturally shift toward transparency, compassion, tolerance and interdependence. Now is the time for humanity to claim a higher level of consciousness for personal and communal growth. Michele uses her expertise, science, real life stories, ancient texts, invitations to practice and reflection questions. It is perfect for individual growth or group work, creating a map to peace and calm.

I will read and reread this book on my own journey as a reminder to live a more grateful and graceful life. I learned something new with each read through, and I’m so excited that it’s available to the world. It is a masterful accomplishment, coming at a time when we need it most.

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