12 Tiny Things

Welcome to the end of January. How are your 2018 resolutions going? One reason New Year’s resolutions don’t often work is we try to take a big step that we have not laid the foundation for. Tiny does not equate to insignificant. Little things can be big things when they are addressing the core of the matter, when they are strengthening our center.

This year, Heidi Barr and I decided to take tiny steps each month for a year of nourishing our roots. We picked 12 areas of our life- one for each month- and will focus on those areas one at a time. By taking tiny steps in the right direction, we hope to nourish our beings and our lives. I hope that living a year full of self-reflection and tiny, strategic action steps will encourage learning, birth lasting growth, and overflow naturally into a public life.

We made 12 Tiny Things public for accountability, community, and support. There are a few ways you can join us. There is a growing international Facebook community that shares ideas, blog posts, quotes, struggles and triumphs. Your voice will make the conversation better. We also have a website with an expanding resource list.

It’s sometimes overwhelming to know where to start. In our culture that says bigger is better, it can be subversive and counter-cultural to take tiny steps that last. Join Heidi Barr and I as we explore themes of enough through 12 Tiny Things.