Love Fest!

A few things I love so much I want to share:

Abby Wambach’s Barnard graduation speech. Fail up. Lead from the bench. Champion each other. Demand the ball. You are not Little Red Riding Hood. You are the wolf.

And speaking of wolves, The Wolves at The Jungle Theater: fierce female soccer players and a transformative art make a great combination!

Honey Thaljieh’s Westminster Town Hall Talk. Her story reminds me so much of Rose and Claris and Lucy from Kibera. Her work is so important. Her words are so powerful. Women playing soccer = big deal.

Sojourner’s video: Reclaiming Jesus in a Time of Crisis. The time is now. Powerhouse theologians reject the rhetoric and actions happening in our country in the name of Jesus. It is a riveting call to action when we need it most.

I’m Still Here: Black Dignity in a World Made For Whiteness by Austin Channing Brown. Austin Channing Brown writes a stunning and powerful memoir that speaks truth into the racial injustice in our country and church. She analyzes about whiteness, creative anger and the stories we tell from her vantage point as a woman with a black body in a way that is fierce and holy.

And a Summer Few Gigs:

I’ll be on the radio Saturday, June 9th on 651 Sports! The show starts at 10:00am on WFNU 94.1 FM Frogtown Community Radio. Download the WFNU app or online at

I look forward to a great conversation about Play Like a Girl and the power of soccer!

I’ll be on the Alter Guild podcast Wednesday, July 4! Episode 8: We’ll Give The World to You. Meta Carlson hosts Kristin Burch and me as we explore the promises we make to our kids and future generations. The taping was so fun. Meta and Kirsten are goddess material. I’m excited to hear how it turned out!

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