2019- Root to Rise

12 Tiny Things has been such a gift. It surprised me again and again throughout 2018. Month in and month out I invested in the theme and playfully experimented with some tiny things. I learned so much about myself. I benefitted deeply from the presence and insights of the growing 12 Tiny Things community. Little things led to big things.

So we’re doing it again.

The theme of 12 Tiny Things in 2019 is Root to Rise. Each month we will focus on a different verb. Reflecting on the theme for a month, we hope to come back to our core anew. We root first so we can rise and soar, deepen and grow, and stay awake to our lives.

We’ll kick off 2019 with the theme of SLEEP. I’m thrilled. Emerging from years of infant mandated sleep deprivation, I look forward to walking around my sleep patterns with a constructive eye, asking questions of myself and tweaking my patterns. I know this theme has something to teach me.

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