Summer Love

Sometimes I fall in love with things so deeply that I can’t sleep at night until I’ve told everyone I know. Here is a sampling of my summer loves:


Seeing White by Scene on Radio: Still my favorite podcast running, John Biewen and Dr. Chenjerai Kumanyika turn the lens in the race conversation to look at the invention and maintenance of whiteness in order to dismantle it. As a white bodied person, writer and educator, I go back to these episodes again and again for accessible and rigorous information and conversation.

Believed: This is amazing journalism exploring how Larry Nassar got away with abusing girls for decades. The woman pivotal in breaking the case, when asked her trick, said she started with simply believing the girls. That made all the difference. We need to listen closely and ask hard questions about the multiple systems that protected him not them.

Smart Sex: Candid, confident smart conversations about sexuality for women. Kerri Miller moderates this refreshingly insightful, much needed conversation about intimacy and pleasure. It’s great for ourselves and for to support young people navigating their unfolding identities.


Fleabag: With great acting and amazing dialogue, FLEABAG is a love story that is also about grief, sisterhood, and confession. It plays with the fourth wall, brilliantly showing how deep down, we are all desperate to be seen and have a place to put our love.


Ever since babies cut down on my reading time, Flash Nonfiction has saved me. Even at my busiest, most sleep deprived, I can read one piece of gorgeous CNF and feel like a more whole version of myself. I taught a Flash NF course at the Loft this summer, giving me the excuse to swim in the stuff. I am digging everything Creative Nonfiction curates: True Story, Sunday Shorts, Creative Nonfiction Magazine and True Stories, Well Told.

MOVE (with style):

Walking meetings! Instead of meeting for a drink, I have been asking people to meet me for a walk around the lake. It’s free, it’s active, it’s outside. And speaking of walking meetings… that it leads to my last summer love…

…My fanny pack! It took me awhile to re-embrace the 80s fad, but my fanny pack has gotten a lot of milage this summer. Hands free mom bag! Sometimes fads can be functional too.

I had a dreamy summer, and I hope you did too! What kept your mind, body and being fed?