12 Tiny Things 2020: Cultivate

I am pleased beyond measure to say that 12 Tiny Things is entering its third year of existence. Year one, we focused on a different area of our lives and being each month. Last year, each month had a different verb of focus. This year, we are cultivating twelve different traits in our lives.

In a recent coaching session, my coach was talking about my personality type’s tendency to over-indulge and under-indulge. For me, over indulgence can look like work-a-holism and over exercising. Under indulgence can look like not eating enough or taking time to rest. She encouraged me to feed myself first, literally and figuratively. This nudge has been my growing edge since childhood. Feeding myself first looks like taking tiny steps every day to read, be outside, eat well and ingest beauty. As a mother of small children, a writer and a teacher, it matters that I take in the wisdom and nutrients that I need so that I can redistribute it out into the world.

“Every time you take a tiny step in this work it is a victory,” she said. “Read one paragraph a day. Go outside for five minutes of quiet time. Even the smallest step to feed yourself will keep you out of the dual cycle of depletion.” I laughed, told her about the 12 Tiny Things project, and thanked her for encouraging me to walk the walk.

What we pay attention to grows. I spent 2019 with the 12 Tiny Things group growing my roots in our Root to Rise year. This year, with strong roots, I am ready for some fruit. What would you like to grow this year?

In January, we are cultivating CURIOSITY. We will do tiny things to feed our sense of wonder and embrace a posturing of exploration. Join us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Grab some friends and make 2020 your year of tiny, daily victories. Together, let’s grow the good stuff.