Episode Two: Love is a Verb

A Muslim-Catholic Conversation on Social Justice

I could have sat and listened to our two guests talk to each other all day. You are going to hear this from me a lot over the course of this podcast, but it’s true. Tamim and Joe are wise, passionate and charismatic. They know their respective holy books live out their faith in inspiring ways. Join in the conversation and share the podcast with your people now, at a moment when we need more deep listening, more brave conversation, and more love as a verb.

In this episode, hear a Muslim-Catholic dialogue about faith and action for the common good.

How do our faith communities grapple with injustice and inequality? Are our financial budgets moral documents? And what do the Koran and Bible say about advocating for the oppressed?

Listen to an unlikely conversation between Tamim Saidi and Joe Kruse as they discuss social justice, economics, and the call to love in their respective Muslim and Catholic Worker communities. Tamim and Joe are Twin Cities religious leaders in the Collegeville Institute’s Multi-Religious Fellows program who model friendship and collective action across religious boundaries.

Topics discussed in this episode: ​ ​

  • What Muslim and Catholic traditions teach us about social justice
  • Stereotypes and diversity of belief within faith communities
  • How to get started in advocating for the common good

Resources mentioned in this episode: ​