12 Tiny Things Book!

12 Tiny Things is available for pre-order! Help us spread the word!

12 Tiny Things has been an intentional community for almost three years now. Heidi Barr and I started it by asking the question: What is enough? As in, what is just the right amount? It moved into an intentional living practice of embracing the tiny things that matter most.

We have a thriving Facebook group and a new website that will be growing in the coming months. We are also thrilled to show you the cover of 12 Tiny Things the book! It is currently available for pre-order and will be out through Broadleaf Books in January 2021 when I know I will be more than ready for a fresh start. So grab a few friends, pre-order together, and make 2021 your year of tiny things. Stay rooted in life on the go.