Hot Off The Press! Support 4 Amazing MN Women Writers!

Four wildly talented Minnesota-based writer friends of mine either just published or are about to publish spectacular books that you will love:

Have you ever had a moment of feeling alone in your marriage? Have you ever found love and community in the most unexpected of places? Stina Kielsmeier-Cook wrote a stunning memoir, Blessed Are the Nones, about finding herself in a mixed-faith marriage and struggling with feeling spiritually single until stumbling upon companionship with some kick ass nuns down the street. I was lucky enough to be an early reader and cheerleader of this project. It is a brave and beautiful story that I think you’ll enjoy.

Caren Stelson‘s A Bowl Full of Peace is a heart-breaking and stunning picture book for kids about Sachiko, a Nagasaki bomb survivor, and her path toward peace. I sobbed the first time I read it and would highly recommend it to parents and teachers alike. A bowl belonging to Sachiko’s grandmother survived the bombing and invites us to consider what we are actively putting into our own bowls to fill them with peace.

Lee Ann M Pomrenke is a fantastic pastor and mother among many other things. Embodied: Clergy Women and the Solidarity of a Mothering God is for clergy who are also mothers, with powerful encouragement to share. There is beauty in the tension. Stories worthy of tears, chuckles and groans from the lives of “clergy mamas” fill the pages as Lee Ann confronts the assumptions people make about mothers who lead. Lee Ann’s theology is a breath of fresh air, making the book perfect for folks who are hungry for some feminine images of divine love.

Meta Herrick Carlson has a powerful, accessible, lovable way of reminding us that the ordinary is holy and the divine is right here and now for us to sink our teeth into. In Speak it Plain, Meta Herrick Carlson invites pastors and other leaders to pay attention to the great theology that sometimes is hidden beneath our high church language, patriarchal customs, and insular questions. Her language models healthy boundaries and marks life events, such as separation or divorce, political or civic grief, and anointing people in transition.