A Beautiful Collaboration: Lily Banning + 12 Tiny Things

At 12 Tiny Things, community and collaboration are cornerstones. We approached one of our favorite artists, Lily Banning, about working together. Lily took her paintings and broke them up into tiles to symbolize how we build a foundation of tiny things that become a beautiful whole. I meditated over the tiles and matched the images with the 12 mantras from our movement.

Lily Banning’s paintings brings light, movement and color to our words. Our mantras present a lens to view the abstract are. The power and possibility in the art is in the opportunity for self-reflection. The movement and colors give space for each person to see themselves and their story reflected. The artwork mirrors the possibilities and growth in the mantras.

I loved matching our mantras with Lily’s paintings. She uses color and light to interpret memories and explore influences in her life. We explore how nourishing our roots can help us rise. Color and light, roots and rising are simultaneously tiny and vast. Ideas and art coalesce, tiny things coming together to form a beautiful collective. 

Go to 12tinythings.com/swag to buy Lily Banning + 12 Tiny Things art cards. Frame them to set deep intentions for 2021 and send them to friends as postcards to infuse their days with beauty!

Go to https://www.lilybanning.art/ or @Art.lilyb to find Lily’s original work!