12 Tiny Things on Cafeteria Christian, Two on One and Bearings

Cafeteria Christian #107 12 Tiny Things, with guest Ellie Roscher

Emmy and Natalia kick off the New Year with guest Ellie Roscher, who has come to challenge the Cafeteria Christian community to think smaller, tiny, in fact. 


Emmy and Natalia are two women and pastors I deeply respect and admire. It was a pure delight to talk about 12 Tiny Things with them. We focused a chunk of our conversation on creating SPACE in our lives, and how that just may require us to say no once in awhile (something that all three of us find deeply challenging). I left energized and hopeful, and hope you do too!

Two on One with Ellie Roscher: New Year’s Resolutions

How is that New Year’s Resolution going? I had the opportunity to sit down with Rev Stephanie Kendell and Rev Arthur Stewart and have a lively, engaging conversation about the good, the bad and the ugly of New Year’s Resolutions as it pertains to theology and the Church. Two on One is a weekly talk show and podcast on theology and pop culture with Revs. Stephanie Kendell and Arthur Stewart. It was such a delight to be their guest.


Resolution #1: Overthrow the Patriarchy

Resolution #2: Talk with Ellie Roscher, Author of 12 Tiny Things: Simple Ways to Live a More Intentional Life about Resolutions on Two on One!


Stina Kielsmeier-Cook recently interviewed me about 12 Tiny Things and why it’s important for Christians in the new year. Here is an excerpt:

How do you hope people use 12 Tiny Things in the New Year of 2021?

The presidential election is finally over and it’s time for Americans to keep doing the work. These are our lives; this is our country. I am hoping that, in 2021, we can remember we have a ton of power to lead beautiful, simple, intentional lives. But to get there, healing has to happen in our bodies and in our lives after this traumatic year.

12 Tiny Things is not a silver bullet, but part of a larger conversation. It’s a collection of tools. In the midst of the pandemic, where I am facilitating distance learning at home with my small children, I need to use all of my tools to stay healthy and grounded every day. I’ve had to lower my expectations. My mental and physical health matters. I need the tiny practices to stay awake to my life, to stay inside my body. Focusing on small things helps sustain my action for the common good.

In Minneapolis where I live, I work with many young adult activists. After George Floyd’s murder, I saw so much burnout. It’s part of the work to stay in the fight, to find ways to be rooted and healthy. I keep hearing from teenagers and young adults outside the church that they want sustainable spiritual practices without the trappings of religion. This is a book of micro spiritual practices. It teaches that the things that ground us can be prayerful. Spiritual practices are for our own healing and the healing of the world.