Gift 12 Tiny Things for Mother’s Day and Teacher Appreciation Week

Teacher Appreciation Week is coming up May 3-7! Let’s be honest, teachers deserve every week to be teacher appreciation week. Especially this year. Teachers have had to be so agile and creative, often shifting from teaching online to in-person to hybrid with little warning. It has been a hard, heavy year. We have heard from several teachers in our lives how 12 Tiny Things helps teachers stay in the present moment and be kind to themselves in and out of the classroom. We have also developed free resources for teachers to use to build mindfulness withe their students. Consider buying 12 Tiny Things for the teachers in your life as a tiny, summer read to say thank you!

Mother’s Day is coming up on Sunday, May 9th! I have spent this past year talking with mothers about how hard it has been to hold it all together during COVID-19. There are the sheer logistics of trying to work, run online learning and keep life going all inside the home without any relief or change in expectations around productivity. Then there is the collective grief of a nation and world in pain and the loneliness that comes with keeping our social distance. Moms are rightfully tired from carrying a heavy load with grace and perseverance, hearts ever-expanding. We know from several mom groups’ feedback that 12 Tiny Things is a book that comes with hope and relief for moms. Consider buying a copy and sending it to a mom or seven in your life so she can cultivate more rootedness for her beautiful life on the go. Remind her how strong she is, and that she has everything she needs inside of her.

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