Embracing Communal Callings

A Conversation with Rev. Kelly Kirby and Lynn Miller

Some Christians have profound testimonies about how God has called them; but, it’s not everyone’s experience. More often, God calls whole communities to big things, not individuals. How can congregations invite members of all ages to embrace God’s call to serve their neighbors?

In this episode, Pastor Kelly Kirby and Lynn Miller from Saint Matthew’s Episcopal Church in Louisville, KY tell the story of how God called their church to step out in faith and start a food ministry. They also discuss the challenges and blessings of running the food pantry during the pandemic, which became an important place of connection for youth and adults alike.

Saint Matthew’s is one of thirteen congregations taking part in Collegeville Institute’s Communities of Calling Initiative. The Communities of Calling Initiative is a five-year program that grants congregations funds to design a new project or enhance existing ministries that help Christians discover and deepen their sense of God’s calling in their lives.


The Rev. Kelly Kirby is the Rector of St. Matthew’s, a creative and hopeful parish in Louisville, Kentucky. Her current projects include Empower West Louisville, a diverse collaboration that strives for racial healing through economic justice and hosts citywide book studies, the 2021 Bingham Fellows Class who is working to create a culture of inclusion in Louisville, and participation in the Collegeville Communities of Calling initiative: a project on how the many callings throughout our lives bring about wholeness in the world. She lives with her loving husband, two brave teenage daughters, a couple of cats, and Walter, a 130 lb. Newfie puppy who crashes through all of the important callings of her life.

Lynn Miller is a long time church and community volunteer. Lynn has an MBA and a professional background in corporate Human Resources, but, more recently was the Youth Minister at St Matthew’s for 10 years. She is married to Mike Risley and has two adult sons, Michael and James, and a daughter in law, Hannah.

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