Addressing the Purpose Gap with Dr. Patrick B. Reyes

How do we understand God’s calling when not everyone has access to the same networks, resources, or opportunities?

In this episode, practical theologian Dr. Patrick B. Reyes speaks about his new book, The Purpose Gap: Empowering Communities of Color to Find Meaning and Thrive. Reyes writes about his own childhood neighborhood in Salinas, California, which he describes as an education desert. He flips the white, western script of individual “shining stars,” and expands our view to see calling in terms of whole constellations.


Dr. Patrick B. Reyes is a Latinx practical theologian, educator, administrator, and institutional strategist. He currently serves as the Senior Director of Learning Design at the Forum for Theological Exploration. His expertise is helping communities, organizations, and individuals excavate their stories to create strategies and practices that promote thriving. Learn more at