The Embodied Path book cover

Cover Reveal or The Gift of Vibrancy

Allow me to introduce you to the cover of my upcoming book. I’m smitten.

One of my favorite movie moments happens in the movie Once. A street musician, played by Glen Hansard, scraps together enough money for a studio recording session. He gathers other street musicians as his band and heads in to record an album. While the hodgepodge crew warms up, the studio’s soundboard technician is clearly distracted on his phone, a little annoyed and more than a little skeptical.

Only a few bars into the first song, however, recognition wells up in the body of the technician. A look of pleasant surprise spreads across his face. He sits up straight, gets present, and begins altering the buttons on the sound board, ready to work. He’s in. Ok, his body says silently, Here we go. These folks can play. This all passes in the briefest of moments, but it brings me to tears every time.

It took publishing a few books to take myself seriously as a writer. I write for myself to process and learn. I write to heal and unfold. I write the books I wish existed. That is enough, and yet I want my work to matter. I want to be taken seriously. There is nothing like the feeling of validation when other people recognize the worth of your work, of your art.

Several months ago now, I sent a very long word document in to my editor, the draft of my fourth manuscript. Now I love a good font, don’t get me wrong, but a word document looks pretty bland altogether. It felt a bit miraculous, then, when a while later my editor sent me back the cover image of the book. Just like that, the book was real. A designer looked at my manuscript and set it on fire, adding color, vibrancy and form. She brought it to life. She made it three-dimensional. It felt like the moment in Once, when someone took my work seriously and validated it, extending my vision by adding hers. Collaboration at its best. I am so grateful.

The Embodied Path comes out on December 6, 2022, six months from now. I will write more soon, but for now, I’m basking in beauty of its cover. You are not supposed to judge a book by its cover, but in this case I encourage it.

In the meantime, The Embodied Path is available for pre-order now.