Introducing Plum: Writing & Wellness for Deeper Embodiment

Writing, Yoga, Intentional Breath and Tiny Things have all been paths back home to my body that help me pay attention. Lately, I have been leading retreats and workshops with these elements, and we usually leave wanting more time together, and a way to integrate the work into our daily lives. So I started an online writing and wellness community, a place where people on a journey toward healing and wholeness can support each other build something beautiful to belong to.

At Plum you will find yoga classes, writing classes, 12 tiny things content, meditations, journal prompts and more. When The Embodied Path comes out in December, support material and body story groups will live at Plum, too. Pick what works for you and leave the rest.

Anyone who joins Plum in 2022 gets access to all the courses and content for a $25 a month subscription.

Join me as we write, move and breathe in community toward deeper embodiment. Let’s stay awake to our lives. Let’s bring a quality of presence to a few more moments in our day. Let’s heal our bodies so we can show up to each other with the capacity to build something more beautiful to belong to. Embodiment is not about pulling away, but pulling into alignment so that we have more capacity, radiating in community, belonging to each other.