Summer Writing Class: Keeping It Pithy!

This summer I’m thrilled to be a teaching artist at The Loft Literary Center in Minneapolis. If you’ve never been, consider signing up for the Summer Sampler. You’ll get to meet a slew of the teachers (including me!) and get a taste for their classes. My full class will be working with Flash Nonfiction. Summer […]

Name Your Cows or How to Re-Center in Late Winter

Early in the winter, when the snow was welcome and the residue of the holiday season magic still lingered, I read Thich Nhat Hanh’s 5 book series on mindfulness: How to Sit How to Walk How to Eat Subscribe to this blog Leave this field empty if you’re human: How to Love How to Relax […]

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Curiosity of Kids

I bring my kids to the library every 3 weeks to get a new stack of books. The stakes feel high. My kids love books, so picking great books makes the following three weeks significantly more enjoyable. I look for beautiful pictures, interesting topics, and main characters that don’t always look like my boys. My […]

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Intentional Living

Heidi Barr and I have been on the 12 Tiny Things journey for awhile now. Our paths began to intertwine seriously when we were two of several women contributing to a blog called Enough. 12 Tiny Things was born out of Enough, and has since really taken on a life of its own. Taylor Short […]

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So There’s This Boat…

Last weekend I had the honor of preaching at the Affirmation of Baptism service where a slew of wonderful 10th graders got confirmed. This sermon is for them, but folks listening liked it too. So I thought I’d share. The text for the day was Luke 5:1-11: Once while Jesus was standing beside the lake of Gennesaret, and the crowd was pressing in […]

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Gender Goals

As a woman, athlete, coach, and feminist I’m so excited to be speaking on The Jungle’s panel about gender equity in sports and education. It is a free, three part series at The Southern. I will be a part of the first panel on February 1. Come for the panel, stay for THE WOLVES, an […]

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2019- Root to Rise

12 Tiny Things has been such a gift. It surprised me again and again throughout 2018. Month in and month out I invested in the theme and playfully experimented with some tiny things. I learned so much about myself. I benefitted deeply from the presence and insights of the growing 12 Tiny Things community. Little […]

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2018 in Books

2018 was my year of adoring local writers! Writing in three very different genres, these Minnesota-based writers all brought beauty and depth to their stories and made me proud to hail from MN! A LADY’S GUIDE TO SELLING OUT by Sally Franson In her debut novel, Franson’s voice is unrelentingly witty. Her protagonist, Casey Pendergast, […]

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Why I Write

This post originally appeared on Red Sofa Literary’s NaNoWriMo series. To discover what I really think I often gain insight and clarity through the practice of writing. Writing tells the truth. Early drafts may start vague and foggy with throat clearing and avoidance. Editing through to later drafts burns off the slough until I realize […]

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Growing Gratitude #12TinyThings

November is as good of a time as any to choose gratitude. Here are tiny ideas to grow gratitude in your daily life. Choose one or a combination of a few that sounds appealing to you and try to implement it this month: Put a journal on your nightstand. Either first thing in the morning […]

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