12 Tiny Things Holiday Gift Guide

Give the gift of intentionality this season and make 2022 the year of Tiny Things for you, your friends and your family! Place your order now and let go of the stress of last minute shopping. The Book In 12 Tiny Things Ellie Roscher and Heidi Barr journey with us through twelve essential areas of […]

12 Tiny Things

It is easy for me to feel buried under layers of grief, stress and fatigue these days. Hope whispers to me that I am not buried, but planted. Daily engaging in my tiny things helps me live and move from my core. Join us at 12 Tiny Things. Have you ever wanted to do it […]

12 Tiny Things Book!

12 Tiny Things is available for pre-order! Help us spread the word! 12 Tiny Things has been an intentional community for almost three years now. Heidi Barr and I started it by asking the question: What is enough? As in, what is just the right amount? It moved into an intentional living practice of embracing […]

Tiny Things as Spiritual Practice

Heidi and I have been engaging in tiny things for 2.5 years now. It has become part of my spiritual practice. It builds attention, devotion, intention and repetition into my days in a way that grows things like gratitude and astonishment. This Lent, my church community is trying on tiny things as a daily spiritual […]

Cultivating Curiosity: January 12 Tiny Things

In January over at 12 Tiny Things, we cultivated curiosity together. I absolutely loved this focus for my month. I noticed how the posturing of my curiosity felt warm and open. It was seeking but not lunging, reaching but not clinging. I felt grounded and growing simultaneously. It felt playful, tender, exciting and good. What […]

12 Tiny Things 2020: Cultivate

I am pleased beyond measure to say that 12 Tiny Things is entering its third year of existence. Year one, we focused on a different area of our lives and being each month. Last year, each month had a different verb of focus. This year, we are cultivating twelve different traits in our lives. In […]

12 Tiny Things #LEARN

In the month of September, because I still get excited for school supply season, the Twelve Tiny Things community focused on the verb LEARN. We will be exploring the verb EAT in October. Please join us!  I identify as a learner. I’ve always loved school and generally strive to stretch myself, grow and evolve as […]

2019- Root to Rise

12 Tiny Things has been such a gift. It surprised me again and again throughout 2018. Month in and month out I invested in the theme and playfully experimented with some tiny things. I learned so much about myself. I benefitted deeply from the presence and insights of the growing 12 Tiny Things community. Little […]

Growing Gratitude #12TinyThings

November is as good of a time as any to choose gratitude. Here are tiny ideas to grow gratitude in your daily life. Choose one or a combination of a few that sounds appealing to you and try to implement it this month: Put a journal on your nightstand. Either first thing in the morning […]