On Knowing

Yesterday I walked into my baby’s nursery to wake him up for the day. He was lying perfectly still, swaddled, with his bright blue, serene eyes wide open. He was totally calm and content, gazing at nothing in particular. “Good morning my love,” I whispered, smiling. “How is my baby today?” His eyes moved slowly […]

That’s Me?

It struck me while listening to Garrison Keillor read from  O, What a Luxury at The Fitzgerald Theater that maybe as we get older we become more ourselves. That is, if we’re living right. With age comes either the courage or the exhaustion necessary to sit in our true selves and relax a bit. Other people can […]

The Art of Repetition

The Temple of Heaven Park in Beijing is full of people doing ordinary things like Tai Chi and Tibetan Dance. At least they seem ordinary to the people doing them. To me, it seems odd and beautiful that so many people are moving slowly, intentionally together in public. In the middle of the park, an […]

Notes from Nepal

The Qatar airport is a vortex in the center of the world. A man in a long white robe, incredibly substantial beard and head wrap leads a woman in full black burka with a little girl in hand, with bright red barrettes in her hair. Saris of pink, red and teal flow, catching the harsh, […]

Wife is a 4 Letter Word

My friend Adam Copeland is a phenomenal writer.  He recently pondered the limitations in our gender language around marriage on his blog A Wee Blether: Of my 20/30 something friends who’ve been married for a few years, most have come to use the words “wife” and “husband” without any bother. While it brought them up […]

Naming Our Weakness

Early Saturday morning, Dan, my spouse, took a picture of me for a travel visa.  I stood against a beige wall and forced a weary smile.  Click, view.  He adjusted the flash.  Click, view. The camera saw right through me.  After about seven attempts, he let the camera fall limp at his side and looked […]

Peach Splattered Love

Three years ago Dan and I started a new tradition called Pie Breakfast.  Thanksgiving is such an odd time, we have no idea what we are celebrating.  Columbus was probably horrible, and yet being actively grateful is a healthy, counter-cultural thing to do.  We noticed that few people have plans early in the day on […]

Why We Ditched the TV

On Saturday, Dan and I put our TV in storage and put our Netflix account on hold.  We rearranged our sitting room so that it would have a new focal point.  It felt good.  It was not that we were watching four hours of TV a day like the average American, we barely watched it […]

The Christmas Letter

On Friday my spouse and I received, hopefully, the last of the Christmas letters.  I have found a few reasons why Christmas letters come late.  Some come from people who cannot seem to get their act together before Christmas, and those notes generally come with apologies.  Others try to save on postage and wait to […]