Raising Feminist Humans

This book is a quick 63 pages full of gems. I picked it up at just the right moment: as I am working on my own identity as a feminist mother, as I continue to work on relevant sex education and as I am on the brink of my book release about amazing girls working […]

Hierarchy of Needs

Successfully educating girls in extreme poverty is no small task. A fascinating part of the Kibera Girls Soccer Academy success story is watching founder Abdul Kassim meticulously and strategically address the girls’ needs in order of urgency. Over the years, the needs are met more effectively as well. For example, in 2002 the school had […]

Pentecost Hope

This year I was hungry for Pentecost. I yearned for the story– a bunch of people in a room, speaking different languages yet understanding each other. Speaking our truth in our language and working toward understanding of the other is our work in the world, our community and our family. Pentecost fell on June 4, […]

Claiming Her Story

Here is a part of what I said at the KGSA gala last week about the wonderful Asha. It includes three short passages from my upcoming book. If these snippets interest you, Pre-order Play Like a Girl today! Asha’s family, like many families in Kibera, did not have a toilet. Because Kibera is not recognized […]

Hauling Heavy Memories

So many of us reached a tipping point this past summer with racial tension, innocent death, and the important work of Black Lives Matter. I knew it was time to take more tangible steps toward knowledge and reconciliation. Where does my power live? What is my work to do? As I addressed in a previous […]


The notebooks are purchased. The buses are back out. It’s time for school. September is a magical month, filled with anticipation and excitement around freshly sharpened pencils and new learning. It could also be the month you decide to tangibly support a girl in Kenya to get a great high school education. Before I ever […]

People Over Pronouns

At the Minnesota Institute of Talented Youth (MITY), where I am lucky to teach Creative Writing each summer to brilliant 7th-12th graders, young people are celebrated for who they are. It is also a place to safely play around with who they are becoming. We intentionally ask students what name they want to be called […]

The Gift of the Humble Walk

Last night, I had a remarkable experience of church. Dan sent a google calendar invitation to a storytelling event at Shamrock’s bar that included music by John Hermanson. Shamrock’s is owned by my junior year prom date. I love storytelling and John Hermanson and beer. Plus we were meeting two amazing friends. Monday night date! […]

The Accidental Universe

Alan Lightman wrote a fantastic essay for Harper’s Magazine that then got selected for The Best American Essays of 2012. It’s called “The Accidental Universe.” I highly recommend reading the whole essay, but I want to address it here. In the essay, Lightman talks about the history of science as recasting things once thought to […]