For the Love of Soccer

The KGSA story was about soccer before it was about school. It makes sense to me that a successful girls’ soccer team became a successful girls’ school. Female athletes know all about work ethic and focus. They understand that they are stronger together, striving to overcome adversity as a unit. The school felt like a […]

Hauling Heavy Memories

So many of us reached a tipping point this past summer with racial tension, innocent death, and the important work of Black Lives Matter. I knew it was time to take more tangible steps toward knowledge and reconciliation. Where does my power live? What is my work to do? As I addressed in a previous […]


The notebooks are purchased. The buses are back out. It’s time for school. September is a magical month, filled with anticipation and excitement around freshly sharpened pencils and new learning. It could also be the month you decide to tangibly support a girl in Kenya to get a great high school education. Before I ever […]

People Over Pronouns

At the Minnesota Institute of Talented Youth (MITY), where I am lucky to teach Creative Writing each summer to brilliant 7th-12th graders, young people are celebrated for who they are. It is also a place to safely play around with who they are becoming. We intentionally ask students what name they want to be called […]

Thriving Girls

As many of you know, I traveled to Kenya last summer and spent time at Kibera Girls Soccer Academy.  I am returning there in a few days. The school is an incredible place.  I told a version of their story on the TEDxSLC stage.  It is an honor to share it with you here: