No Justice. [No Action.] No Peace: Peaceful Fights in Kids Lit

Below is an exert from Caren Stelson and my monthly column in Bookology Magazine, focusing on the importance of peaceful civic action. Read the full article HERE: Caren: “No justice. No peace.” This summer, millions of people – young, old and from all backgrounds — protested police brutality and systemic racism, all during a historic pandemic. Ellie Roscher and I […]

Whiteness and Antiracism Course for Teachers

Starting Saturday, August 22, I will be co-teaching a year-long Institute with the MN Writing Project on Whiteness and Antiracism. It meets monthly for two hours all year. There is so much going on right now with COVID-19. It is a tough time for teachers. It is also an urgent time to address race more […]

Briefly: Flash Nonfiction Online Class at The Loft

REGISTER HERE I love reading, writing and teaching flash nonfiction- short, true stories. I first fell in love with flash nonfiction when my oldest was an infant. I missed large swaths of time to read so much. Reading one very short and very gorgeous essay a day may be all I could muster, but it […]


The notebooks are purchased. The buses are back out. It’s time for school. September is a magical month, filled with anticipation and excitement around freshly sharpened pencils and new learning. It could also be the month you decide to tangibly support a girl in Kenya to get a great high school education. Before I ever […]

People Over Pronouns

At the Minnesota Institute of Talented Youth (MITY), where I am lucky to teach Creative Writing each summer to brilliant 7th-12th graders, young people are celebrated for who they are. It is also a place to safely play around with who they are becoming. We intentionally ask students what name they want to be called […]

Just a Little Nudge

One of my newest projects is writing for Nudge Education. Nudge provides software, teacher training, and print resources for teachers who are interested in sharing more power in the classroom. I believe in the mission: Nudge Education keeps teachers and students at the center of learning, supporting transformational classrooms with accessible, powerful technology. Our products […]

A Brief Interview with the Fantastic Mr. Kevin Lally

Keeping the Faith in Education was proud to publish Kevin Lally’s essay “Shortening the Shadow of Whiteness.” He is a busy man, but I caught him long enough to ask a few questions about himself, his work and his studies: Ellie: Your essay poignantly addresses race in the classroom. When did you first begin to […]

Teachers Talking Writing

Below is a conversational interview between Andrew Barron, publisher at Avenida Books, and Ellie Roscher, editor of Keeping the Faith in Education. They discuss the book project, the state of education and the benefit of teachers choosing to write. *** Andrew: I remember when we came up with the idea for our first book in […]