Hug a Teacher, But Don’t Stop There

Caring about kids means caring about education. And caring about education means caring for our teachers. I’m excited to introduce to you Keeping the Faith in Education. When Avenida Books put out a call for submissions in the summer of 2012, I was hoping the compilation of work we would create could comfort and motivate educators. […]

Kind Of Satisfied With Your Product And Then You Die

Louie on to something here. It’s easier to be mean to people we see as other, and it’s easier to see people as other through a screen. Phone interaction is not the same as human interaction and the former is detracting from the latter, keeping us from facing full human emotion. Being able to […]

My Tempered Voice

When my sister and I were little, my parents would drop us off at my grandparent’s house every Thursday while they went and played in a mixed doubles tennis league. Our favorite thing to do on Thursdays was dress up in my grandma’s clothes and costume jewelry, put on old Polish records and dance around […]


On Friday, students from KGSA in Kenya and The New LIFE school in New York were able to skype in the classroom.  It is hard to explain how powerful this cross cultural moment was.  KGSA is far from being able to afford fast internet or top of the line computers.  So the connection was slow, […]

One school at a time

Abdul and KGSA realize that their performance as a high school is in part contingent on the health of the primary schools in Kibera. On Friday, Abdul and Clarice asked me to walk with them to a grade school that they have just begun to financially support. We walked down the railway tracks, with informal […]

Healthy Competition

(the pictures here were taken by the KGSA Journalism Club)   Last week I spent a day at a huge, Nairobi wide high school competition. It was as heated as a sports event, but the focus was entrepreneurship. Junior Achievement host this annual competition for high school students to come present businesses that they have […]

Better than Dogs

Every night around the time I am dozing off to sleep, the dogs start fighting outside my window. Dogs here are not pets. They think it is totally weird that we domesticate our dogs. People here prefer them around, outside, for protection. So the meaner the better. They are often treated cruelly and not fed […]


Irene, a KGSA graduate, came to the school with Lynette, another graduate, on Sunday to be interviewed.  Part of her story included loving being in the Journalism Club at KGSA.  She liked taking pictures the most.   KGSA gave her a skill she is using.  They gave her access to a camera and taught her how […]

Mr. Teka

Mr. Teka is the man I have probably laughed the hardest with in Kibera. He loves the CIA and the FBI due to obsessively watching every American show that deals with investigations like CSI or 24. In fact, after my first interview with him he was so happy that I “helped him remember to remember […]

Notes from Kibera

Abdul led me down the train tracks of Kibera and pointed off into the distance. There was thick forest not to far away. “In in 1970s,” he said, “this whole land was full of trees. Kibera is actually based on the Neubian word for forest. We have replaced tress with tin.” A little further down […]