Being Heard into Speech

Episode 4 of Unlikely Conversations What role can fellow writers play in the creative process? And how can a desire to “change the world” backfire? In this episode we hear a conversation between two writers: Rev. Alexis Carter Thomas and Lyndsey Medford. They met at the Collegeville Institute’s Writing for Mystic Activists workshop in 2019 and, since […]

Christ. Christmas. Covid.

I asked a bunch of kids what they are excited about this Christmas. As I suspected, their answers were adorable, creative, touching and deeply profound. May the children lead us straight into simplicity, joy and hope this season. Thursday November 19, the segment will be shown at Christ | Christmas | Covid, an event by […]

Bound By Love

Humans mark time. It is one of the things church does well. We create the factors ripe for thin space. We write liturgy and build ritual where we can see, touch, ingest, and internalize the fleeting holy. We hold space to say things that need to be said. To plant signposts on the path. To […]

The Courage of Kindness

“A single act of kindness throws out roots in all directions and the roots spring up and make new trees.” —Amelia Earhart Caren and my latest article on kindness is up at BOOKOLOGY. Read the full article HERE. As we write this article, we are in the middle of a world-wide pandemic and a consequential election […]

Start with Your Own Soul: S2 Ep 3 of Unlikely Conversations

How can writers begin to claim their own voice? And how should local communities inform both writing and organizing work? In this episode, we speak with writer, pastor, and community organizer Rev. Brandon Wrencher. Brandon is a serial innovator who pastors a network of spiritually rooted small groups through the Good Neighbor Movement, which is inspired, in part, […]

Calm Mind. Calm Body.

Yoga & Reflection: Embracing our Storied Bodies When: Mondays 11/16, 23 & 30, 7:00pm – 9:00pm CST: Livestream REGISTER HERE Led by UpLifters Emma Almeroth and Ellie Roscher  Back by popular demand, just in time to face the COVID holiday season with a calm mind and body, Emma and I are offering our three part yoga […]


My friend Jennifer over at Simply + Fiercely recently invited me to write a post for her blog on how to carve out time for yourself. Read the full post here. Some say music is the space between notes. Some say the space bar is the most important key on the computer because it gives […]

Mothering Wisdom for Activists: S2 Ep2 of Unlikely Conversations

A Conversation with Dr. Chanequa Walker-Barnes and Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove What role do writers have in expanding our imagination for what is possible? And who is tending to the spiritual needs of activists?  Listen Here Subscribe to this blog Leave this field empty if you’re human: In this episode, we continue for the second part of our […]

Only If They Set You Free

This month’s Peace-ology article is about labels and how we can choose to use labels or not, depending on if they set us free. READ THE FULL ARTICLE HERE. Michael Hall’s Red: A Crayon’s Story is the tale of a blue crayon with a red label. The crayon was not very good at being red. He […]

Unlikely Conversations Podcast: Season 2 Episode 1

Writing for Mystic Activists: A Conversation with Dr. Chanequa Walker-Barnes and Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove How can writers of faith participate in current justice movements? Where can activists on the frontlines of movements find the rest and relationships necessary for a sustainable writing life? And what role does community and accountability play in the lives of writers who […]