Addressing the Purpose Gap with Dr. Patrick B. Reyes

How do we understand God’s calling when not everyone has access to the same networks, resources, or opportunities? In this episode, practical theologian Dr. Patrick B. Reyes speaks about his new book, The Purpose Gap: Empowering Communities of Color to Find Meaning and Thrive. Reyes writes about his own childhood neighborhood in Salinas, California, which he […]

Invited to Mission at Edgewood Church

A Conversation with Marcia Beer and Diana Farmer Think of a significant calling in your life. Who invited you to explore that calling? And what role did church play (if any) in that invitation? As a community, Edgewood United Church has been collectively invited by God to serve their neighbors through a specific, shared mission. […]

Called Through Community at Edgewood Church

A Conversation with Pastor Liz Miller What role does community play in understanding our individual vocation? And what happens when a pastor called to ministry starts to burn out? In this episode, Liz Miller describes how community played an essential role in her decision to become a pastor, and how sabbath rest is essential to […]

Embracing Communal Callings

A Conversation with Rev. Kelly Kirby and Lynn Miller Some Christians have profound testimonies about how God has called them; but, it’s not everyone’s experience. More often, God calls whole communities to big things, not individuals. How can congregations invite members of all ages to embrace God’s call to serve their neighbors? In this episode, […]

A Multiplicity of Callings

Skills Sharing at St. Matthew’s Church: A Conversation with Rev. Benjamin Hart and Dr. Justin Klassen Vocation is often understood as what we do for work, but God calls people to more than our place of employment. Can God’s calling extend to skills or hobbies like bread baking, gardening, or cake decorating? Leaders at St. […]

Bringing Calling Back to Life

A Conversation with Dr. Kathleen Cahalan Does the phrase “God’s calling” make you tense? If so, you’re not alone. Many Christians confuse calling with discovering one secret “right” path in life. When faced with multiple options and decisions, it can be paralyzing. According to Dr. Kathleen Cahalan, this individualistic view of vocation is often harmful. […]

12 Tiny Things Desert Sojourn Retreat

How does being in the beautiful desert of Carefree, Arizona in the depths of January sound? JANUARY 28 – 30, 2022 12 TINY THINGS: SIMPLE WAYS TO LIVE A MORE INTENTIONAL LIFE The 12 TINY THINGS retreat helps you learn simple ways to live a more intentional life, ways to take lasting steps toward learning […]

Yoga & Journaling: Teen Edition

When: Tues, Aug 10, 1:30pm – 3:30pmWhere: Up Yoga Minneapolis REGISTER When I was a teenager, I wish I would have had yoga, breathing and journaling as tools. I am thrilled to offer a workshop for teens with Emma to promote their empowerment, embodiment and confidence. Yoga, journaling and breath work are three amazing tools […]

Get Joy, Avoid Quicksand

GUEST POST IN RICH IN WHAT MATTERS The world may commend us for putting other people’s needs before our own all day every day, but it will also lead to burnout. About a year ago, a coach told me, “You are really good at loving people. That is your full-time job.” Naming LOVE as my […]

Writing, Yoga & Antiracism Offerings

Ellie Roscher sitting on a couch in front of a shelf full of books

REGISTER HERE Thursdays July 15-August 19, 2021, 6-8pm Open to All Levels Live, Online, Zoom Flash nonfiction calls our attention to detail. In this class, we will read, analyze, write, edit, polish, and submit flash nonfiction pieces. We can focus on quality over quantity, pouring over word choice and raising our own standard of excellence […]