On the 50th Anniversary of Title IX

In 12th grade physics class, the guy who sat behind me told me he’d never date me because I was too nice. He was drawn to artistic and dramatic types. Edgier. This was all fine with me; I wasn’t attracted to him either. Decades later, we’re good friends. He and I can look back on […]

Cover Reveal or The Gift of Vibrancy

The Embodied Path book cover

Allow me to introduce you to the cover of my upcoming book. I’m smitten. One of my favorite movie moments happens in the movie Once. A street musician, played by Glen Hansard, scraps together enough money for a studio recording session. He gathers other street musicians as his band and heads in to record an […]

Yoga & Journaling: Intimacy Edition

Friday, March 11, 7-8:30pm Up Yoga, In Person  With Uplifter Ellie Roscher and Lea Wilkinson Join us for a tender evening of self-compassion and stress reduction through yoga, journaling, meditation, and breath work. You deserve to love and be loved, and mindfulness can support you. Your enjoyment of the world and the quality of your […]

Jump Start to Embodied Writing

Pay attention. Be astonished. Tell about it. –Mary Oliver Do you long to write but struggle to make the time? It takes seven days to break in a new habit.  March 13-19, join Ellie Roscher and Yi Shun Lai for a week-long, 45 minute-a-day for a week jumpstart to prioritize yourself as an artist. Yi Shun […]

My Favorite Books of the Year

It’s that time of year for reflection and ranking. For clarification, these are books I read in 2021, yet it does not mean they all came out in 2021. Please let me know what your favorite books of the year were. And here’s to hoping 2022 will be the best year of reading yet! In […]

The Spiritual Practice of Discernment

A Conversation with the Rev. Dr. Jane Patterson Have you ever asked yourself: how does spiritual discernment work, practically? What are the signposts? How can I feel God’s subtle nudge? In the final episode of this season, we discuss the ways that spiritual discernment practices reveal God’s calling in our big and little decisions. Join […]

Creative Callings in the Pandemic at Plymouth Church

A Conversation with Eliza Gray and Brett Younger The pandemic has altered church life in ways we are still discerning. For Plymouth Church in Brooklyn, New York, the disruption dissolved lines between home life and church life, and it pushed congregational members to explore creative callings in new, innovative ways. In this episode, Journalist Eliza […]

Wintering Retreat

In the winter, the growth that happens might not be visible above ground. It is often a slowing, turning inward, deepening our roots. Enter the new year with intention, and join us for the winter installment of this life-giving retreat series. Deepening Our Roots Winter Retreat:  January 12, 19, and 26 Online. 6-8pm CST Facilitated by experienced Circles of Trust® […]

Writing as Prayer, Discernment, and Vocation

A Conversation with Carol Davis Younger When have you felt most alive before God? In this episode, Carol Davis Younger shares her vocational story of becoming a writer and how her writing practice has deepened her spiritual journey and sense of God’s presence. Through creating curriculum and hosting church writing groups centered on Scripture, she […]

12 TT Advent and Christmas Resources

Hi friends,  Over at 12 Tiny Things we created two simple and free downloadable resources for Advent and Christmas. It is a light touch, a gentle invitation to intentionality, simplicity and micro-spiritual practice this season. The Tiny Things Calendar and 12 Days of Christmas work well for individuals, families, small groups and whole communities. If […]