Empathy & Compassion in Peacemaking

One of the activities I do with young people is called speed dating. It’s an empathy building exercise because, I have found, we actually have to practice talking to each other and really listening. I ask the kids to form two circles facing each other. Each pair gets a healthy chunk of time to address […]

Episode 1 of Unlikely Conversations

In our first episode of Unlikely Conversations, you can listen a Hindu-Christian dialog about faith formation in the next generation. In these days when young people are leaving organized religion in droves, how do our faith communities form, educate, and empower youth? And how can we build healthy, multi-religious relationships when, let’s face it, they can be hard and uncomfortable? Witness an unlikely […]

Yoga & Writing: 2 online offerings

We are living in an unprecedented season. I for one have had to lower my expectations and use all of the tools at my disposal. Yoga and writing are two of my favorite tools to lower anxiety and work toxicity out of my body and onto the paper where I can contend with it. Emma […]

Unlikely Conversations Podcast!

LISTEN TO THE TRAILER HERE! I grew up Catholic in a fairly Irish neighborhood of St. Paul, Minnesota. My childhood years were full of renegade nuns teaching me to seek Jesus on the margins and study scripture in diverse communities. My parents held their breath as I headed to a Lutheran college. There, a Jewish […]

Peace Through Picture Books

My friend Caren Stelson and I started writing a monthly column in Bookology Magazine called Peace-ology. We are exploring how we can encourage peacemaking through picture books, curious questions and intentional action steps. Below are excerpts our first few articles: January: Reading Books Through the Lens of Peace Ellie: I read to my three- and […]

Yoga & Journaling: Embracing our Storied Bodies

Friday, March 6, 7:00pm – 8:30pm Up Yoga 4325 Nicollet Ave REGISTER or Walk in! We believe our bodies hold deep wisdom. With a sense of curiosity and tender playfulness, this workshop couples journaling prompts with restorative yoga to unlock our wisdom and release embodied emotions. Emma will lead a gentle flow, supported by props just […]

Cultivating Curiosity: January 12 Tiny Things

In January over at 12 Tiny Things, we cultivated curiosity together. I absolutely loved this focus for my month. I noticed how the posturing of my curiosity felt warm and open. It was seeking but not lunging, reaching but not clinging. I felt grounded and growing simultaneously. It felt playful, tender, exciting and good. What […]

12 Tiny Things 2020: Cultivate

I am pleased beyond measure to say that 12 Tiny Things is entering its third year of existence. Year one, we focused on a different area of our lives and being each month. Last year, each month had a different verb of focus. This year, we are cultivating twelve different traits in our lives. In […]

My Favorite Books of 2019

It is that time of year again! Time to marvel at how many good books exist in the world! Every year I highlight some of my favorites that I have read in the past 12 months. Some of these came out in 2019, but not all of them. This year was a year of award […]

The Light of Knowledge (3/3)

The final installment of my Saint Lucia talk focuses on the light of knowledge. It is the Friends of the Gustavus Library who hosts the wonderful event, so it was fun to talk about how much I enjoyed learning in college. Ask my roommates– I spent a lot of time in the library! Many of […]