2019- Root to Rise

12 Tiny Things has been such a gift. It surprised me again and again throughout 2018. Month in and month out I invested in the theme and playfully experimented with some tiny things. I learned so much about myself. I benefitted deeply from the presence and insights of the growing 12 Tiny Things community. Little […]

2018 in Books

2018 was my year of adoring local writers! Writing in three very different genres, these Minnesota-based writers all brought beauty and depth to their stories and made me proud to hail from MN! A LADY’S GUIDE TO SELLING OUT by Sally Franson In her debut novel, Franson’s voice is unrelentingly witty. Her protagonist, Casey Pendergast, […]

Why I Write

This post originally appeared on Red Sofa Literary’s NaNoWriMo series. To discover what I really think I often gain insight and clarity through the practice of writing. Writing tells the truth. Early drafts may start vague and foggy with throat clearing and avoidance. Editing through to later drafts burns off the slough until I realize […]

12 TINY THINGS #Sensuality

Undivided My oldest child started preschool this fall. It was the first time I dropped him off somewhere consistently to play with other kids. It is also the first time I am getting a chunk of alone time consistently with my youngest. On the first day, Miles and I went to a playground to play […]

Book Birthday!

Play Like a Girl turns 1 year old today. It has been an incredible year. I’ve been reflecting on the researching and writing stages of Play Like a Girl a lot lately. My time in Kibera listening to the KGSA ladies tell their stories remains one of the biggest honors of my professional life. I […]

Love Fest!

A few things I love so much I want to share: Abby Wambach’s Barnard graduation speech. Fail up. Lead from the bench. Champion each other. Demand the ball. You are not Little Red Riding Hood. You are the wolf. And speaking of wolves, The Wolves at The Jungle Theater: fierce female soccer players and a […]

12 Tiny Things #work

Heidi Barr and I are two months into an adventure called 12 Tiny Things. We are taking one aspect of life and reflecting on it for a month in order to deepen and nurture our roots. Join us on Facebook and our website. Here are some brief notes from my month focusing on WORK: 1. My […]

12 Tiny Things

Welcome to the end of January. How are your 2018 resolutions going? One reason New Year’s resolutions don’t often work is we try to take a big step that we have not laid the foundation for. Tiny does not equate to insignificant. Little things can be big things when they are addressing the core of the […]

My Favorite Books of 2017

So many books, so little time. I didn’t read as much as I wanted to this year, but what I read was fantastic. Like last year’s list, these are not books that came out in 2017 necessarily, but books I read in 2017. What are you reading? Favorite Anthology: Best American Essay of 2016 edited […]