Writing Coach

Are you looking for support and encouragement as a writer?

After finishing a few big book projects, some for myself and some for clients, I have a little bit of capacity open as a writing teacher and coach this fall. Are you looking for some writing help? If you don’t see your needs reflected, let me know. I am happy to create a package that feels right for you.

Facilitated Writing Group: $25/per month

On PLUM: Writing and Wellness, join a lovely, wise, and talented group of writers of varying experience that meet for two hours on Zoom every few weeks. Ellie leads check in, conscious breathing, and free writing. Then she brings a short piece of writing for the group to read, dissect, and discuss as writers. Ellie offers a writing prompt inspired by the piece and gives you time to write. Then, a group member will share a piece with the group to get feedback. Ellie closes with a check out. Each session is free standing, so you can come as your schedule allows.

Editing: $100/hour

It can be so helpful to have a fresh set of eyes look at your work, and it honors your craft to pay a professional instead of calling in favors from friends. This can be as simple as emailing Ellie with a piece and asking for notes. The more detailed you are about the kind of help you are looking for, the more nuanced and tailored Ellie’s feedback can be. At your request, Ellie can also do a pre and/or post edit call to talk through the piece in addition to written notes.

Book Wrangling: $100/hour

Do you have the ideas for a book but are struggling to conceptualize and organize it? Ellie can ask you curious questions and coach your ideas toward a working outline and manageable assignments to get your project underway. Often, at the request of the writer, she will created an annotated Table of Contents as a working documents the writer can respond to.

Book Coaching

Would your large writing project benefit from a little structure and support to get across the finish line? Ellie will set deadlines and hold you to them, texting, calling, and emailing you along the way for accountability, guidance, and encouragement. She will talk you through imposter’s syndrome and real and perceived barriers to help you find your flow and prioritize your project. She will also shift her methods and the deadline structure as you need. The contract length will be negotiated at the outset of the project and may be renewed. The price will vary depending on the needs of the writer and the size and length of the project. If you’d like Ellie to be a reader or editor as well, that is an additional fee.

Ghost Writing

Do you have a whole book in your head, but struggle to get words on the page? Ellie has been called a professional listener. She can interview you and turn your thoughts into narratives or take your notes and do the same. Pricing will be worked out between Ellie and the writer depending on the scope, preferred method, and time line of the project.