Writing and Yoga: Embracing Our Storied Bodies

Saturday, September 19, 2020
1:00 pm - 4:00 pm

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Unfold out of your isolation and come write with us!

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We believe our bodies hold deep wisdom. With a sense of curiosity and tender playfulness, this workshop couples writing prompts with restorative yoga to unlock our wisdom and release embodied emotions. Emma will lead a gentle flow, bringing attention to our hearts, hips, and throats. Ellie will lead writing exercises that focus on the story of our bodies. In a warm, safe community, we will deepen our yoga and writing practices through inquiry and intention.

Some of us, who do our best thinking while moving, feel stifled, frustrated, and stuck staring at a blank computer screen. Pairing yoga with writing can quiet the busy mind, activate the subconscious, and find creative release in setting words free on the page. This class will offer writers tools for unlocking the stories we hold in our bodies. Prompts will be geared toward idea generation as well as flushing out those ideas into sentences. There will be time to share writing.

What stories have been passed down to you and live in your body? Which do we claim and mold and which do we leave behind? Writers can expect to walk away with writing starts, practical tools, and encouragement to keep writing.

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