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Ordinary Acts of Peace

This month’ s Peace-ology article in Bookology Magazine is about tiny, daily acts of peace. READ THE FULL ARTICLE IN BOOKOLOGY. Ordinary Acts of Peace Ellie: When I say the word Peacemaker, who is the first person that comes to mind? It is so important to teach children about famous peacemakers like Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, Desmond […]

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3 New Things

LISTEN: I love the work of The Global Immersion Project and got to study peacemaking with them on the San Diego/Tijuana border right before COVID shut down travel. I was thrilled to be on their podcast and talk about how I practice everyday peacemaking: “My first Global Immersion-type experience happened when I was in high […]

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Undoing Oppressions: A Conversation with Nekeisha Alayna Alexis

When working to undo one type of oppression, activists often see how other types of oppression intersect. Nekeisha Alayna Alexis is an Anabaptist scholar whose writing addresses issues of justice for both human and animals. In this conversation, she describes how her conviction to nonviolence evolved into her interest in co-liberation with animals and becoming a vegan. […]

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12 Tiny Things: Beyond the Book!

Podcast Episode: I thoroughly enjoyed talking to Pastor Kelsey on her Lady Preacher Podcast about 12 Tiny Things. She asked amazing questions and I got all fried up talking about the themes in the book. Listen to the episode here. FREE DOWNLOADABLE RESOURCES: Teachers and Parents: We made a BINGO card so that kids and […]

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Welcome is Not Enough: A Conversation with Karen González

On the surface, welcoming an immigrant seems kind. Karen González asks Christians to look again and push deeper. Karen González is a writer, speaker, and immigrant advocate. She is the author of The God Who Sees: Immigrants, the Bible, and the Journey to Belong. In this conversation, Karen describes how her writing and theology has shifted […]

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Finding Peace While Grieving

Read the full article at PEACE-OLOGY Caren: Some days are tough. During this COVID-19 pandemic, our children face plenty of challenges. Loss of playground time. Loss of playdates. Changes in school routines. Changes in home routines. These days, children may need more time alone on a “peace blanket” to grieve their former lives. The rest of […]

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Yoga & Inquiry – Intimacy Edition

When: Thursday, February 18th 7pm-9pm CSTWhere: livestream REGISTER HERE Led by: Emma Almeroth and Ellie Roscher In mid-February, when romantic love tends to get a lot of air time, let’s gather to offer tender affection to ourselves and our yogi friends. Emma will lead us through a gentle body scan, restorative yoga and an abhyanga […]

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The Future (of the Church) is Female

Fifteen years after writing my Theology Masters Thesis, I am still thinking about it. Church Anew recently published a post I wrote about the themes and how I see them playing out in the Church and world today. There is a short excerpt below and a link to the full blog post. Summary: Just as […]

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Following a Mystical Jesus

A Conversation with Byron McMillan What compels a decorated combat veteran and former missions pastor to study mysticism at a center founded by Fr. Richard Rohr? Byron McMillan’s story is one of spiritual transformation and realignment, moving from his role as pastor at an evangelical megachurch in Raleigh, North Carolina to studying at the Center […]

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The Alchemy of Fry Bread

Peace as Seeing the Deliberately Dismissed “There’s really no such thing as the ‘voiceless.’ There are only the deliberately silenced, or the preferably unheard.” (Arundhati Roy) My newest article is up at Bookology Magazine. READ THE FULL ARTICLE HERE, including resources for teaching the book to kids. I am lucky to say I married a bread baker. […]

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