12 Tiny Things Book!

12 Tiny Things is available for pre-order! Help us spread the word! 12 Tiny Things has been an intentional community for almost three years now. Heidi Barr and I started it by asking the question: What is enough? As in, what is just the right amount? It moved into an intentional living practice of embracing […]

Episode 7 of Unlikely Conversations: Complicated Women in Scripture

How are common sacred stories about women like Queen Ester and Hagar taught differently in Christianity and Judaism? This final episode of the first season of the Unlikely Conversations podcast is a lively dialogue between Rabbi Jennifer Hartman and Pastor Andrea Roske-Metcalfe. Together, they explore how they each teach and preach tricky holy passages in a way that […]

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3 Part Yoga and Reflection Workshop Series

Yoga and Reflection Workshop Series: Embracing our Storied Bodies livestreamTuesdays 7:00pm – 9:00pmJuly 21st, July 28th, Aug 4th Taught by Uplifter Emma Almeroth and Ellie Roscher We believe our bodies hold potential and power. With a sense of curiosity and tender playfulness, this 3 part workshop couples written reflection prompts with yoga flow to unlock […]

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Briefly: Flash Nonfiction Online Class at The Loft

REGISTER HERE I love reading, writing and teaching flash nonfiction- short, true stories. I first fell in love with flash nonfiction when my oldest was an infant. I missed large swaths of time to read so much. Reading one very short and very gorgeous essay a day may be all I could muster, but it […]

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Ep 5 Worship During A Pandemic: A Hindu-Jewish Conversation

How can faith leaders continue to offer hope, comfort and presence while being physically separated? How can we create new ritual, often mediated through screens to grieve, celebrate and mark time? During the COVID-19 pandemic, we are experiencing grief on individual, communal, societal, and global levels. At the same time, our country is having heated conversations […]

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Faith in Action Outside the Walls of Church

This Friday at 3 CST (Juneteenth), I’m hosting a conversation with student activists who are showing up in amazing ways as an act of faith! They are not our future. They are our now. Please tune in! Topic: The Spiritual Practice of Dissent: How Youth are Taking their Faith to the StreetsTime: Jun 19, 2020 […]

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Race and Justice on Unlikely Conversations

How can religious institutions fight against racism? Why do many avoid talking about race in their faith communities? In this episode, Fardosa Hassan and Genjo Conway – young faith leaders in the Muslim and Zen Buddhist communities respectively – have a frank conversation about race in interfaith spaces. This episode was recorded before the racist murder […]

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War & Peace

Caren Stelson and I focused on war and peace in our May Peace-ology article. Read the full article HERE. Caren wrote a book that was a beautiful tribute to a Nagasaki bomb survivor named Sachiko. She has adapted it into a stunning and heartbreaking picture book called A Bowl Full of Peace. I recommend both […]

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Episode 3: From Interfaith Dialogue to Multi-Religious Action

What work must we do before we can ask forgiveness? How do we live reconciliation? In Episode 3 of Unlikely Conversations, Rabbi Barry D. Cytron and Dr. Marty Stortz speak beautifully about the afterlife and this holy life and the history of the work shifting from inter to multi, from dialogue to action. They speak […]

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