Resources for The Embodied Path

The Embodied Path invites you to claim your own body story and live more deeply into your body. The resources below can be used on your own, or with groups you lead or participate in.

The Embodied Writing Journal

The Embodied Writing Journal

To be used with The Embodied Path, or on its own. Writing prompts in this journal fall into two major categories. Some are emotional writing prompts, which help us process through stuck-ness in our feeling bodies to live into flow. Others are prompts will aid you in creating and claiming your body story.

Embodied Faith Study Guide

Go back to the God who created our bodies very good and Jesus who centered the restoration of bodies. This study guide can be used by individuals, couples, small groups, or large groups. You can plan a retreat around the themes or form a study group that meets weekly or monthly.

Curricular Resource

This curricular resource is designed for classroom teachers to use in conjunction with The Embodied Path. The work includes reading a few body stories as examples, talking about the act of crafting and sharing your own body story, and then inviting students to craft their own body story.

Breath Practices


The Embodied Path

Songs to accompany the essays


Songs to hum along to, dropping into our bodies more fully


Inhabit your body more fully by dancing


Songs to sing along to, truth resonating in your chest

Resources available through Plum Writing & Wellness

Plum Writing & Wellness

Join me as we write, move and breathe in community toward deeper embodiment. Let’s stay awake to our lives. Let’s bring a quality of presence to a few more moments in our day. Let’s heal our bodies so we can show up to each other with the capacity to build something more beautiful to belong to.

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Yoga Classes & Meditation

Breathe, move and flow with me

Pithy Prose

Let’s read and write together in the nooks and crannies of life.

Embodied Faith

Go back to the God who created our bodies very good and Jesus who centered the restoration of bodies.

Body Breaks

Journal Prompts

Breathing Exercises