One of my newest projects is writing for Nudge Education. Nudge provides software, teacher training, and print resources for teachers who are interested in sharing more power in the classroom. I believe in the mission:

Nudge Education keeps teachers and students at the center of learning, supporting transformational classrooms with accessible, powerful technology. Our products help learners take pride in and responsibility for their own education, and our perspectives promote the professionalism and individuality of teachers.

logo-secondary-transparentAnd I am energized by having my brain back in the classroom, supporting teachers. There is nothing more rewarding than a classroom full of students who are engaged, who are taking ownership of their own learning. Master teachers can create a culture that encourages learners to take responsibility for their own education, and those teachers can use technology in the transfer of power, in the transformation of their classrooms.


There is still a lot of misunderstanding surrounding the role of technology in the classroom, and it has been refreshing to work with Peter, the Founder and CEO. He has a clear, intelligent, and helpful outlook on what technology is and what role it can play in an active and successful classroom. We’ve put one chapter of the upcoming book up on our website titled “What Technology Is.” Take a look:


Young people today have access to more information in one day than their grandparents did in a lifetime. From the beginning of time until 1998, the world produced 2.5 exabytes of information. Ten years later in 2008, we created 2.5 exabytes in two days. Our world is changing quickly, and thus so are our classrooms. Education technology is here to stay. It seems the speed of change is accelerating, and at times we can feel like we are on our heels, reacting. Technology in the classroom feels good when we own it, it doesn’t own us. For us to have a healthy relationship with technology’s role in our learning environments, it helps to understand what education technology is. Education technology is a lot of things, but let’s focus on three important aspects: Education Technology: 1) is a tool; 2) exists in a culture; and 3) its complicatedness is unrelated to its usefulness.

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