You Matter. You Belong. You are Enough. And the Game is Rigged.

I once heard Krista Tippet being interviewed instead of doing the interviewing. She spoke about asking people not the question she wanted to ask, but the question she thought her guest would want to answer. That shift is deeply important. That is exactly what Meta Carlson did when she sat Kirstin Burch and I down to tape an episode of Alter Guild. She asked such beautiful questions. Kirstin and I talked about the promises our parents made to us when we were young. We talked about our babies, and the promises we make as mothers. We talked about our work, and how we love and support young people who are growing up in a broken world.

We are living in a moment when young people are claiming their power to make society better. We are also living in a moment when they deeply need our protection and advocacy. They need to hear that they belong. That they are loved.

We laughed. We cried. We spoke our truth. It was a really thin space. It felt holy to me. Maybe it will to you, too. Scroll down to listen or head to Alter Guild’s Site!