Being Heard into Speech

Episode 4 of Unlikely Conversations

What role can fellow writers play in the creative process? And how can a desire to “change the world” backfire?

In this episode we hear a conversation between two writers: Rev. Alexis Carter Thomas and Lyndsey Medford. They met at the Collegeville Institute’s Writing for Mystic Activists workshop in 2019 and, since then, have continued to encourage one another in their writing lives. Here, they discuss the dangers of writing to change the world without also being changed as humans, the call for writing as liberation, and how a writing community can help one be “heard into speech.”

Read Rev. Alexis Carter Thomas’ recent writing:

Read Lyndsey Medford’s recent writing:


Rev. Alexis Carter Thomas is a writer and researcher who lives in South Carolina. She has served in campus ministry at various universities, as a pastor of discipleship and as an adjunct instructor at Phillips Theological Seminary. Currently, she is a church consultant in matters of discipleship and race and an adjunct professor in the department of history and philosophy at Lander University. Thomas received her M.Div. from Duke Divinity School.

Lyndsey Medford is a writer and activist based in Charleston, South Carolina. On her days off, she’s usually baking something yummy, mucking about in her garden, or at the beach with her husband and rescue pup. Lyndsey attended the summer 2019 Collegeville workshop Writing for Mystic Activists, and she writes at