A Multiplicity of Callings

Skills Sharing at St. Matthew’s Church: A Conversation with Rev. Benjamin Hart and Dr. Justin Klassen

Vocation is often understood as what we do for work, but God calls people to more than our place of employment. Can God’s calling extend to skills or hobbies like bread baking, gardening, or cake decorating?

Leaders at St. Matthew Episcopal Church in Louisville, Kentucky decided to find out by inviting individuals in their church to offer a course on something they love to do. In this episode, Pastor Benjamin Hart and Professor Justin Klassen discuss how the skills sharing classes at St. Matthew’s transformed their understanding of God’s calling in both their personal lives and the greater church community.

St. Matthew’s is one of thirteen congregations taking part in Collegeville Institute’s Communities of Calling Initiative. The Communities of Calling Initiative is a five-year program that grants congregations funds to design a new project or enhance existing ministries that help Christians discover and deepen their sense of God’s calling in their lives.


The Rev. Benjamin Hart is a priest and serves as the Director of Congregational Life at St. Matthew’s Episcopal Church in Louisville. He grew up in a small town in western Kentucky with a love for food and hospitality. He cures traditional country hams and has reached the point in his ham journey where he is entering one in the state fair.

Dr. Justin Klassen is Associate Professor of Theology & Religious Studies at Bellarmine University in Louisville. He grew up in British Columbia, where he first developed a passion for nature. These days you can find him teaching college students in the classroom, exploring the woods of Kentucky with his family, or checking the timer on his phone while he waits for dough to rise in the kitchen.