Celebrating Girls! 

Day of the Girl is coming on October 11! I will be doing a webinar via Facebook Live at 7pm CST. I’m so excited for this interactive conversation about the power of girls. Whether you’ve read Play Like a Girl and want to know more or you don’t know anything about KGSA and want some ideas on how to help empower girls, please join us! The conversation will be richer with you as a part of it!

Sign up for the event HERE, and get more information HERE!


Bearings Online ran a great series on editors and editing. They asked editors to reflect on the particular joys and challenges of working with writers. I wrote about editing myself and how that required being brave enough to believe in myself and my work. 

Edit Yourself

Editor and writer Verlyn Klinkenborg taught me how to write by teaching me how to edit my own writing. His process was simple. Every week, my eleven classmates and I wrote two pages of prose on a topic of our choosing. In class, Verlyn handed out a sheet of paper with twelve sentences on it. The sentences were what he considered the single worst sentence in each of our submissions. Without emotion or ceremony, we walked through the twelve sentences and made them better. There was no embarrassment in the process; we were simply becoming better sentence crafters together.

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