Briefly: Flash Nonfiction Online Class at The Loft


I love reading, writing and teaching flash nonfiction- short, true stories. I first fell in love with flash nonfiction when my oldest was an infant. I missed large swaths of time to read so much. Reading one very short and very gorgeous essay a day may be all I could muster, but it helped me feel human. It reminded me of my other callings.

Last year the class far exceeded my expectations. The course worked for new writers and veterans. One writer came simply hoping to get clearer and more concise with his work emails. Another was looking to stray a bit from poetry and found flash nonfiction energizing. One writer wanted to move from academic writing into creative writing, and yet another wanted to get more brave at submitting her work. Because flash essays are shorter in length (perfect for summer), we can playfully focus on word choice and strong sentences while trying new things. Several writers moved a piece or two from blank page to submitting quality within the six weeks. The community that formed was supportive and creativity flowed. And this year, because the course is online, geography and commute time are not barriers!

Turns out our world needs more beautiful stories and concise, clear communication. Join me! Let’s create little nuggets of word art!