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I love the work of The Global Immersion Project and got to study peacemaking with them on the San Diego/Tijuana border right before COVID shut down travel. I was thrilled to be on their podcast and talk about how I practice everyday peacemaking: “My first Global Immersion-type experience happened when I was in high school. I went to Guatemala, and that was the first time—at an extremely formidable age—that I realized I was a global citizen, and that how I live my life affects people all over the world.”

As a practical theologian, mama of two and professional boundary crosser, I have been living into thoughts on contemplative healing and contending with the problem of ‘whiteness’ as peace work. LISTEN TO THE EPISODE.


Utilizing the themes of 12 Tiny Things, this journal offers calendar space, writing prompts, intention setting, reflection tools and tracking devices to support you deepening your roots to grow a more intentional life. Naming one theme a month — space, work, spirituality, food, style, nature, creativity, home, sensuality, communication, learning, and community — and trying tiny practices in line with that theme, the 12 Tiny Things Journal is a simple, accessible way to nourish yourself and curate a joyful life that feels like yours. If you love the book, purchase the journal and go deeper. The journal, however, stands on its own if you haven’t read the book! PURCHASE YOUR JOURNAL.


Are you looking to publish your faith writing? Agent, editor, and writer Jevon Bolden joins me in a discussion about the business of Christian publishing. We will address your discernment about working with an agent, the query process and how explicit you should be about your faith in writing. REGISTER TODAY.